Success, Money, and Spirituality

What is success? 

For many, it’s how much you make and what you have to “show” for the success you achieved – house, car, bank account, investments, etc. 

Some think it’s a career, that again pays good money, and provides comfort by being able to afford anything and everything you may want to have or travel to places you want to visit.

In short, how much you make and what type of lifestyle you can afford with your income, is one way to solidify success for most people.

Money buys you freedom and can give you happiness, right?

But what is money?  For most people, it’s something that measures success; the more you have, the more successful you are!

Once you see all the proof of your hard work in all the material things you can acquire, and then show it off to people who you want to impress (and most of them probably could care less) – that will confirm how successful you have become.

Funny, because that’s how I thought and felt too before my spiritual awakening.

I based it on how much money I have, a good education, a great job, the comfortable lifestyle, and being able to afford anything I want for myself and my kids.

But it’s clearly not. 

When I started on my spiritual path, all these old beliefs and ideas I had about success and money drastically changed.  I realized that these were beliefs that were ingrained in me from childhood.  Growing up, I would often hear or see people I know who have all the money in the world, and yet, their lives were problematic.  I often wondered how these people could be so miserable.  They have the wealth and success that many can only dream of, and yet, they’re not happy. 

Through my spiritual journey, I realized that success is not measured by all these external things that makes us feel good temporarily.  Success is measured by how we feel about ourselves and how we view ourselves in relation to everything around us. 

Yes, you have a great job that pays good money, something you thought you’ve always wanted.  But how do you REALLY feel at the end of the day, when you’re alone with your thoughts, before you sleep, and as soon as you wake up.  How do you really feel about how your life turned out?

If your answer is, you feel tired, empty, overwhelmed, lost, occupied, lonely, and stressed out – then maybe the success you thought you’ve always wanted, is not exactly what you need.

Money IS important.  Don’t get me wrong.  It affords us to have all the comfort in life.  It pays our bills, and it certainly provides for our family.

But what I learned about money in my spiritual journey is that it is only a tool.  It’s a resource.  It’s energy.   It needs to flow.

Money is a byproduct of your success.  Not the other way around; it doesn’t measure success.

We go through the motions of life, working to achieve our goals and dreams, thinking:

“If I achieve that very thing, I will be successful.  Then, I will be happy.”

But does it really?  Once you achieved that “very thing” you thought you always wanted, then what? 

Often, we forget what’s important in life that gives us joy, meaning and purpose

A CEO who owns a successful business, several mansions, luxurious cars, and can travel anywhere in the world IS a successful individual.

But so does a schoolteacher who works in a public school, living paycheck to paycheck, yet looks forward to teaching his students every day.  He may not have all the money or resources that a CEO has, but he’s also very successful because he is doing what he loves and passionate about. 

A working Mom who juggles working full-time, running a business on the side, and taking care of her kids and household IS a successful person.  Besides all the pictures she posts on social media about their “family travels” all over the world, and the “properties” they acquire along the way, she also proudly shows off her multi-tasking skills in being able to spread herself wide enough to attend to ALL her duties – day in and day out – as a mother, a wife, an employee, and an entrepreneur.  A successful individual indeed.

But so does a stay-at-home Mom, who doesn’t earn a dime.  She chose to leave her career, depend on her husband’s income, and stay home so she can raise her kids as a decent, well-grounded, and respectful human beings.  She is also very successful because she chose a life that will give her the most rewarding feeling and genuine happiness that no job or any amount of money can replace. 

So, you see, success is a matter of perspective. 

The question is, which perspective are you looking at it from?

From a spiritual point of view, SUCCESS is a state of being. 

You are successful if you love what you do, look forward to waking up every day, being grateful for everything that life throws at you, living in the moment, choosing happiness and joy, and always striving to improve yourself so you can also be a blessing to others.  That’s SUCCESS.

Love – light – and joy to all of you my beautiful soul family!

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