Organic White Sage & Purple Sinuata Flower Smudge Sticks Bundle (5pcs)


Organic White Sage and Purple Sinuata Flower, Smudge Stick Bundle

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Cleanse your space and yourself from negative energy, and invoke the energy of success, grace, and enchantment.  Our organic, 4-inch, White Sage and Purple Sinuata Flower smudge stick will do just that.  White Sage has been used for many centuries and is believed to purify and clear out negativity.  Purple Sinuata flower when used with white sage, not only smells amazing but is an absolutely great enhancer as well in cleansing rituals, especially before or during meditation.

Organic White Sage

CA-grown, organic white sage. Sustainably grown and ethically harvested on an organic farm, using NO pesticides, growth hormones, artificial scents, dyes, or preservatives.

Purple Sinuata Flower

Purple Sinuata Flower is grown on an organic farm, using NO pesticides, dyes, or preservatives. Hand-harvested, sun-dried, and hand-tied with extra care.


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