Organic White Sage & Palo Santo Bundle (5 Smudge Sticks)


Organic White Sage and Palo Santo Bundle

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CA-grown, organic white sage, and palo santo bundle is the perfect smudge stick combo you would certainly love to use.

These organic white sages are hand-harvested from a farm in California that uses NO pesticides or growth hormones, hand-tied, and naturally sun-dried.

Our bundle of 5 is the ultimate gift you can give to someone you know who loves using smudge sticks.

An all-natural, and organic product that will surely cleanse the space and clear the negative energy around you.

Weight8 oz
Dimensions4 in
White Sage

CA-grown, organic white sage. Hand-harvested from a CA farm using NO pesticides or growth hormones.

Palo Santo

Imported from Peru, ethically harvested from naturally fallen trees at the end of their lifespan.


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