Cleansing & Smudge Kit (with 11 oz Intention Candle with Crystals)


Cleansing & Smudge Kit, with 11 oz Intention Candle With Crystals.

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***Please indicate on the checkout page (Order Note) which Intention Candle you prefer to be included in your kit.  Please make a list of 2-3 intention candles (#1 as your first choice, #2-second choice, etc.) in case a product is out of stock.***


Our Cleansing & Smudge Kit is the perfect kit to start with.  Cleanse the negative energy around you, and welcome the positive energy to flow in.

We take great pride in sourcing each product included in this kit; they’re organic and sustainably sourced.  It is packaged well with great care and attention to details.

It’s a wonderful gift to give to friends and families, or a gift to yourself!

It includes:

  • Your choice of an 11 oz. reiki-charged candle with crystals.  
  • Medium size Abalone shell (4-5 in.)
  • Wooden tripod stand for the abalone shell
  • 2 Organic California white Sage bundle with Palo Santo (4 in.)
  • Selenite wand (4 in.)
11 oz Reiki-Charged Candle

Your choice of 11 oz Reiki-Charged Intention Candle with Crystals.

White Sage & Palo Santo

California-grown, organic white sage smudge sticks (4 in.).

Bundled with Palo Santo from Peru. These palo santo are NOT harvested from cutting down trees, they are responsibly sourced and procured from naturally fallen trees at the end of their lifespan.

Abalone Shell

Medium size (4-5 in.) abalone smudge bowl, sustainably grown and ethically harvested from a privately-owned Abalone farms.

Tripod Stand

Wooden tripod stand, and can hold an abalone smudge bowl size of 4-8 in. All natural wood. Beautifully handcrafted from India. Collapsible for easy storage.

Selenite Crystal Wand

Our beautiful 4-in selenite crystal wand is ethically sourced from conflict-free Moroccan mines that leaves 0-carbon footprint in their mining process. Hand polished in Morocco.


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