Obsidian: Beautiful and Beneficial

Obsidian is one of my favorite gemstones.  This precious stone is not one to miss, especially if you are looking to carry around a crystal or a gemstone that has been used around for centuries and known for its healing properties. Read on and find out more.

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If you’re wondering about this fascinating gemstone and wants to know if it’s something you should get and keep around you, well…keep reading!  I’ve already done the research for you, so you don’t have to – you’re welcome!  I’ve summed up all the important facts and info about this precious stone and see for yourself if it’s something you can benefit from. 

With that said, let’s get started…

  • Obsidian is known as a “volcanic glass”.  It’s an igneous rock and its main elements are earth and fire.  It forms as the lava from the volcanic eruption rapidly cools.

  • Our ancestors used obsidian to make spears, arrowheads, and other houseware and kitchen tools.

  • Obsidian comes in different colors and depending on the color, the benefits and uses varies as well.  **This is not an exhaustive list, and there maybe other types of obsidian that is not included in this list.

Black Obsidian – protection and self-control.

Golden Obsidian – protection and balance.

Mahogany Obsidian – grounding and helps strengthens weak aura.

Snowflake Obsidian – has healing properties, and provides balance to mind, body, and spirit.

Apache Tear Obsidian – protection, cleansing and healing of the body.

Peacock or Velvet Obsidian – aids in spiritual journey, helps one release karmic relationships, cleanses and aligns all chakras by absorbing negative energies.

Silver Obsidian – helps one see and aligns with its true SELF, by improving one’s perception, intellect, and communication.

  • Shamans, healers, psychics…use obsidian in their spiritual practices and rituals due to its metaphysical and healing properties.  Obsidian is known to help deflect or shield one from negative energy or psychic attacks.  This stone not only provides protection by absorbing negative energies, but it also helps one to become aware of it when it is present in the surrounding.  The more awareness and discernment one has, the better one can protect himself / herself from attaching to any negativity and break free from any emotional and mental blockages brought on by these negative energies.

  • Obsidian, since it is a natural stone that comes from the earth, has been known to relate to or strengthen our base or root chakra.  It helps keep us grounded and centered, in fact, the meaning of the word obsidian is “safety and grounding”.  So, if you need to work on clearing and strengthening your root chakra, this stone might help you achieve just that.  It’s also known to strengthen the third eye and solar plexus chakras.

  • As it protects one from any negative energy in the environment, it is also used in spiritual practices to cleanse the energy in the environment.

  • Obsidian is also known as a “truth-enhancing” stone as it helps one to know and face up to who they truly are. 

  • As for some of its healing purposes, it is known to aid in digestion, circulation, and detoxifies the body from harmful and toxic elements we consume. 

  • When used as a home décor, obsidians are known to help ease anxieties, worries, stress, or any heavy feeling that one may feel lingers in a specific space or area of their home.  When placed in the bedroom, it also helps promote better sleep.

  • When used or worn as a jewelry or accessories, it helps strengthen one’s awareness of negative emotions and negative energy in their surroundings.  As it absorbs all that negative energy, it clears out mental and emotional blockages.  It is a powerful healing stone, and one can harness even more potential power from it when paired with other crystals and/or gemstones such as hematite, lapis lazuli, labradorite, onyx, and tourmaline.

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So, there you have it folks!  To sum it up; Obsidian is a powerful gemstone that has metaphysical and healing properties that can ward off negative energy, keeps us grounded and connected, and helps keep our body, mind, and spirit in balance. 

I own a couple obsidian myself, and I wear it as a jewelry (I have it as a pendant and a bracelet).  I pair it with my other crystals such as amethyst, hematite, tourmaline, and clear quartz.  I never leave home without it!  Before my spiritual awakening, I was never one who is deeply religious or spiritual, so working on myself and strengthening my spiritual practices hasn’t been an easy task.  The first spiritual practice I adapted and learned was a simple meditation.  But even that was so difficult at first, because as soon as I shut my eyes closed, ten million other things started flowing in and it was non-stop!  So, I turned to other “tools” that might help me with focus, awareness, and clearing off the negative and unwanted energies around me. 

There’s a reason why our ancestors, shamans, psychics and spiritual healers from all parts of the world have used and depended on these stones when performing healing work, or during their spiritual practices and rituals because of its tremendous and powerful healing properties.  It’s also important to point out that whenever you purchase any type of crystals and/or gemstones, you need to clear or cleanse your crystals first before using them.  Doing this simple ritual, you can bless and set your intentions on how you would like it to work for you.  That way, you can intensify the energy that flows through your crystals when using it. Gemstones and crystals are merely “tools” that can help us uncover and strengthens our own power, BUT…the power to create, heal, and manifest has always been within us.  That work starts from within.  No gemstones or crystals can help you if you do not believe in your own true power and utilize that power to create the life you want. 

Till next time, love – light – and joy to all of you, beautiful people!