About Us

Juniper Gems: Our Story

Juniper Gems is a blog site created for those who are on their journey of rediscovering their TRUE, authentic Self.  Many of us go through life just to “live”.  Life is so much more than that.  We all came here with a purpose and to experience life in a way that will help our consciousness evolve.  

My spiritual journey started in 2018, and I’ve had experiences that were blissful and exciting, others were challenging, but all were enlightening.

I’ve learned so much from these experiences, and I want to share the lessons and discoveries I awakened to with some of you who may be going through the same experiences.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs.  It is written and intended with so much love and light, and I hope that it helps bring you clarity and wisdom and help you through your spiritual journey.

Love, light, and joy to all of you.

– Juniper Gems