4 Areas To Focus On While Building Your Confidence

Many individuals suffer a lack of confidence at some point in life. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to build up faith in yourself. The following are four areas to focus on as you do so.

1. Mindset

One of the most important aspects of your confidence level is your mindset. Think of negative situations as challenges rather than failures so that you can focus on how to overcome them. Practice gratitude to remind yourself of all the good things in your life. Think of at least one thing every day that you are thankful for.

Pay attention to your overall well-being. This is more than your physical health. Well-being includes your relationships with others, personal safety and other factors that affect your overall quality of life. Shift your mindset to focus on your well-being and doing what you can to improve it. Taking actions to improve your life will empower you and help you feel more confident.

2. Daily Routine

How you spend your days has a significant impact on your confidence levels. If you spend most of your time doing things that make you feel bad, then you probably won’t feel good overall.

Consider finding a hobby. It can be an activity that you already enjoy and are good at, or your hobby can be something new that allows you to develop a skill or learn new information.

Spending time at a job you don’t like is not ideal for your confidence levels. In some situations, however, doing so is necessary. Do what you can to make the most of such a job. Practice stress-reduction techniques, and make time outside of work to focus on your non-work identity.

Your daily routine should include taking care of your physical health. Data show that one-third of individuals in the United States don’t get enough sleep. Make adequate sleep a regular part of your routine. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Consider making easy substitutions to improve your diet, and look for ways to be more active throughout the day.

3. Changing Your Career Trajectory

If you have the opportunity to switch to a more fulfilling job, do so. Many individuals decide to start a business. Doing so is a big challenge that can help an individual feel capable and successful. If you decide to go this route, make sure you write a detailed business plan. It should describe the product or service you will sell, your business structure and financial projections.

As you start attracting customers, make sure you have an invoicing system in place to facilitate timely payments. Invoices should be easy for you to create and easy for recipients to understand. There are a variety of templates available that streamline the process and allow you to add your logo and other customization features.

4. Finances

Financial struggles are often detrimental to self-confidence levels. Learn how to make a budget, and work to stick to it. List out your fixed and necessary expenses first. Subtract those from your monthly income. Set aside the rest for savings, emergency expenses and entertainment. Refinancing your home may be a good way to decrease your monthly bills or free up cash to pay off other debts. If you’re going this route, discuss your options with a lender—refinancing works best if you’re planning on living in your home long-term.

It can be difficult to build up your confidence, but don’t give up. Focus on your abilities, your strengths, and the things that you can control. Improve your mindset, establish a daily routine, start a new career or business, and take steps like budgeting or refinancing to improve your financial situation.  The better you feel about yourself, the better you see yourself – empowered and confident.


This article is written for Juniper Gems by our guest writer, Cheryl Conklin. Cheryl is a blogger, adventurer, traveler and creator of Wellness Central. She uses wellnesscentral.info to share her thoughts on wellness along with the great resources she finds on her own wellness journey.

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